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To Be My Next Copywriting

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Could you write a message like this one?

Answer "YES" and you'll never have to worry about money or a job again...

The secret is a skill rising in popularity called Copywriting...

In the next 3 minutes, I'll show you the millionaire's definition of copywriting...

I'll show you how it's bought me mansions and Bentley's and trips to Bali, Japan, Italy and 20 other places... and then I'll offer you the chance to learn copywriting directly from me for FREE.

I'll be your mentor, you'll be my mentee.

But you must agree to the 3 qualifications I'm about to lay out for you.

If you agree, this is going to change everything for you, whether you already have a business that needs more traffic or customers, or you're looking for a true, reliable skill that can guarantee you freedom from the rat race and make you rich. Let's get to it.

What is copywriting? It's the words that get money, salesmanship in print, it's the messaging.

Here, I'll show you an example: End of America VSL

This ugly video here used great copywriting.

How much money do you think a video that ugly could make? 1 Million? 2 Million? That video made over $200 Million dollars because it had great copy.

The guy who wrote the words in that video is long gone now.

He's hanging out at one of his 4 homes or sailing in the south of France.

He learned copywriting, applied it online and one video made him set for life.

So if that's copywriting, what's it done for me?

Let me make something very clear.

Anything I share with you in the next minute is not to brag. I don't give a damn about impressing anyone.

My name is Jason Capital. I'm a Best-Selling author, I was recognized by the White House as a Top 100 Entrepreneur, you may have seen some of my articles on Forbes or Time yet most of all, I'm a coach.

I help people replace their rat race income with Laptop Income.

I am living proof that copywriting is the #1 skill you need to get rich online in 2019. Let me tell you a strange story...

A few years ago, I was at a marketing conference with my friend Joel Marion.

We were sitting at a coffee table working on our laptops.

And every few minutes, I'd get curious as Joel would reach into his bag and with the focus of a monk, look intently at something inside it, then…

...he'd zip the bag shut and furiously type a bunch of words on his laptop.

He reached into his bag like 7 times in an hour until eventually I asked...

"Joel, what's in your bag? What are you hiding in there?

He said, "Oh, you noticed. That's my copywriting handbook. It refreshes my mind on the most important copywriting lessons. It makes writing easy, I never go anywhere without it."

That was my first hint copywriting was THE most important skill to get rich online.

A few years after that day, Joel had built an online supplement empire called BioTrust, it was making over $100 Million a year.

Seeing Joel put copywriting at #1 on the priority list in big red marker, I realized I'd been shooting myself in the foot.

I'd been treating copywriting the same any other online skill.

I gave it the same attention I gave my ads, my social media, my traffic and Joel made me see that was costing me BIG TIME.

Until then, I'd never been able to crack over $20,000 a month online.

Think about it, everything you do online to get more traffic and customers requires copy.

Ads, emails, social media posts, VSL's, webinars, all of it IS copy.

Copy is like oxygen for the internet.

If you run an online business of any kind, you're literally doing copy all day long. But if you're not getting training to get better at copy every single day, you're costing yourself a fortune like I was.

Once the light went on for me, I stopped getting distracted by shiny objects and gurus and just drilled deep on my copywriting skill.

And it worked faster than I'd imagined...

I got the mansion, this is my house on the beach in Southern California. I’m even moving to the beach in the caribbean now too, I’ll have condo there…

But most of all, I'm totally and completely free in ways most people will never be.

I'm financially free.

I'm free from the world of bosses and rush hour traffic and fluorescent lights.

Everyone used to doubt me. Now they respect me.

I am a true Copy Badass, the kind of marketer who can make millions literally on-command.

The skill of Copywriting gave me that power.

It can do it for you too.

But you can't go it alone.

Very few people get success going it alone.

Steve Jobs didn't invent the iPhone. I didn't edit this video. Walt Disney didn't animate Snow White.

So I'm going to personally mentor you for free and make you a Copy Badass too. If you have a knack for copy, I'll mentor you even more.

My clients pay $3,000 an hour for my mentorship so if I'm going to invest a few hours mentoring you for free, I need to know my time will be well spent.

So there are 3 qualifications you must agree to before we start...

These 3 qualifications are non-negotiable. You must agree to them before claiming your spot as my next copywriting mentee, no exceptions.

1. You will use what you discover in the Badass Copy Masterclass in an ethical manner.

Copywriting is based on psychology. With it, you'll be able to get customers to whip out their credit card and buy whatever you're selling including things they don't need. You will not sell your audience anything they don't need, even if they're begging for you to sell it to them.

2. You are prepared for the fiery jealousy sure to come from friends, family, even former bosses.

When I went from zero to millionaire in only 9 months, I lost friends. They couldn't handle it when I'd invite them out and pay a $2,000 tab without blinking an eye. If anyone in your life doubts you now, they won't be believe it when they see all the customers and money you're getting. Some of them WILL become SO jealous of you. You must be prepared for it.

3. You will commit to the Kaizen Law.

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means constant and never ending improvement. Copywriting is the most important and valuable skill you will ever learn when it comes to getting more traffic, customers and clients online. Because it's a skill, you will commit to doing everything you can to keep getting better at it...otherwise known as Kaizen. The sooner you master copywriting, the sooner you'll be rich too.

Will you agree to the 3 requirements? If yes, then your time to make more money online than ever with the #1 online skill is here...

Here's how it works…

Inside the FREE Badass Copy Masterclass, I'm going to take you under my wing and download the Copy Badass mindset and skill-set directly into you.

I'm looking to personally mentor only 95 people so if you want in, you'll want to hurry.

My promise is simple: If you follow my simple instructions, you'll have the skill to double the conversion rate of everything you do online.

You'll be able to double the conversion rate of your…

...and even your close rate on the phone.

Let's do the the math:

If your conversion rate doubles on each step, you don't only make twice as much money for every fan, visitor or follower.

You make Almost TRIPLE!!!

Imagine you're getting 100 visitors a day now and making $100.

After Badass Copy you could be making nearly $300 for those same 100 visitors.

If your conversion doubles on each step, you could be making nearly $300 for the same 100 visitors. This is ultra powerful!

Do you see how fast profits go up this way?

Now the class will be live and online.

If you can't make it, you'll get access to the recordings immediately after.

Your hand will hurt from taking so many notes but it will be more than worth it.

I've sold over $40 million online because of my copywriting and for the first time ever, I'll be giving you everything you need so your offers, website and ads convert so well your competition accuses you of cheating.

Then you're going to learn 5 unique "Copy Cheat Codes" so powerful Facebook temporarily banned them.

What are Copy Cheat Codes?

Copy Cheat Codes are the secret weapon of every Copy Badass.

Think of a video game: If you don't have the cheat codes, you're gonna lose to the guy who does.

I first discovered these Copy Cheat Codes while giving a pep-talk to the copywriters at the $300 Million Dollar giant Agora Financial.

If you've never heard of Agora, that's on purpose.

If everyone knew they were doing over $300 million a year online, they'd get ripped off by competitors more than me.

The copywriters at Agora Financial are like royalty in marketing circles, and even they admit…

"Our Conversion Rates Would
Sink Faster Than The Titanic
Without Our Copy Cheat Codes."

Agora Financial was bringing in over 100,000 new customers every month so fast with these Cheat Codes that…

Facebook Temporarily BANNED Them
From Advertising!

A source close to Facebook headquarters said they felt these cheat-codes hi-jacked the customer's dopamine pathways, causing them to over-click and over-buy.

Trust me, we're not hi-jacking anyone's dopamine here but these Copy Cheat Codes are dangerously profitable.

They're how Agora Financial made over $300 Million dollars last year online.

Agora made $300million last year alone.

They're how Agora will do nearly $500 million next year in a variety of different niches.


What if these Cheat Codes were applied to your business right now?

What would that do for your business? Your income? Your growth?

I saw the power of these 5 Copy Cheat Codes first-hand when I flew to Agora's headquarters in baltimore last month.

Never in my years have I seen a copywriting technique this powerful.

With these Copy Cheat Codes, every strand of your marketing message gets infused with Agora DNA.

Your marketing takes on a whole new life form…

Imagine if your VSL converted as high as 12% or more....

Imagine if your webinar converted at 10% or more…

Imagine if your sales pages converted at 8% or higher…

Your phone closing rate may even double or more because your message goes on steroids.

This is the new school of copywriting.

Please write this with your badass brain:

The old way of learning copywriting is dead.


Say goodbye forever.

Think of the best copywriting books of all-time:

All of them are out-dated.

These books should be in the library archive, not the library.

Think about it badass: All these books were written in the Pre-Internet days.

Back then, people only read newspapers or magazines and watched TV.

Today they're on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

They're checking email.

They have access to millions of articles which are only a click away.

Studies show they're spending 2 and a half hours a day on their smartphone and 3 more hours a day online.

You will not convert today's prospects with yesterday's marketing.

Think of your favorite internet marketing guru..

Maybe it's Gary Vaynerchuk… Grant Cardone… or Tai Lopez.

Gary Vaynerchuk
Grant Cardone
Tai Lopez

Agora's copywriting makes more money than all of these guru's COMBINED.


So inside the Copy Badass Masterclass, in addition to my personal mentorship, you're going to learn Agora's Copy Cheat Codes straight from the source completely FREE too.

Meet Mr. X

So inside the Copy Badass Masterclass, in addition to my personal mentorship, you’re going to learn Agora’s Copy Cheat Codes from one of Agora’s top copywriters, a man called Mr. X.

Mr. X has written over $70 million of copy over the last 7 years of his career. He also wrote one of the biggest promotions in Agora history, bringing in an astounding $30 million from a single sales video.

But Mr. X is more than a copywriter. He's also one of the "copy chiefs" for Agora Financial...

This means he's an expert in recruiting, training and teaching complete newbies on how to write copy that sells. In fact, when it comes to his teaching and training abilities, he was personally mentored by the same guy who trained Tony Robbins...

Because Mr. X works in one of the most competitive direct response industries on the planet, he's hesitant about going public with these "cheat codes"... because his competitors could easily copy them and steal his market share.

If Mr. X does find out that his competitors are attempting to steal these copywriting cheat codes, he will stop revealing and teaching them at once.

If that happens, you won’t be able to access this intel anywhere, at any cost. So it’s urgently important you get access now while the door is still open, and don’t risk having each of these copywriting “cheat codes” withheld from you.

With Agora’s Copywriting Cheat Codes,
you’re going to learn:

You're gonna shorten your learning curve and get an unfair edge with Agora's Copywriting "cheat codes", they should be illegal.

I truly believe the Badass Copywriting Masterclass will be the turning point in your online career.

But you need to hurry! Agora's competitors have been hunting down these cheat codes like wolves and if they get them, they could be out-earning Agora less than 12 months from this life-changing opportunity will be here for a limited time and could be taken offline any minute.

By the way, the change in how fast your copywriting skill improves really happens fast.

This isn't a marathon we're running together.

This a specific set of formulas and actual "cheat codes" for producing copy so good prospects won't be able to control themselves around your offers.

You'll only need a couple hours total.

I only spent an hour learning these Cheat Codes while visiting Agora and doubled my webinar conversion rate less than 2 weeks.

You won't need much time to make your sales go thru the roof.

But what if procrastination is constantly eating away the profits you should be making?

As a Copy Badass, procrastination vanishes like a ship in the night because...

Your Obstacle's Not Procrastination,

Your procrastinate because you're bored.

Look at 12-year olds: They can't pay attention in math class but they'll play Call of Duty for 9 hours straight.

Because Call of Duty Is Actually Interesting!

The only thing more interesting than a video game is a real-life game that can make you rich.

That game is called Become A Copy Badass.

I traveled to Bora Bora last year. Here I am:

Bora Bora is a place people dream of visiting, a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

I'm not ashamed to tell you I spent my entire first day there writing copy.

My girlfriend was not pleased.

Would you like to know another reason I know for a fact you'll always find time for copy?

You're reading this page still.

Most pages this long barely hold your attention.

This one's got you in a loving embrace and neither of us are letting go.

That's the power copy has on people who are born to write copy too, including you.

Copy's not a career, it's a calling.

So what if you procrastinate too much?

Procrastination has never met a money-making skill as interesting or profitable as copywriting.

But we shouldn't even call it copywriting…

I get mad about this…

Copywriting Isn't "Writing"…
It's Having A Persuasive Idea.

I'll never write a Harry Potter novel like J.K. Rowling.

My grades were so embarrassing I used to hide my report card from my parents.

I am not a born-writer.

One of my copywriting mentees Sam Robson was a struggling personal trainer one year ago..

Sam's not a born-writer either but that didn't stop me from telling him to become a Copy Badass.

Today Sam is earning nearly $20,000 a month now from his laptop.

Sam went from struggling personal trainer to doing neaRly $20k per month

Personally, I'm friends with dozens of copywriting millionaires.

Not one of us are writers.

We don't get paid millions to write...

We Get Paid Millions To
Have ONE Persuasive Idea.

And there's a formula for generating these persuasive ideas.

I'm going to download it into your brain during the Badass Copy Masterclass and give you a step-by-step checklist for free too.

As a Copy Badass, you'll never have to worry about being a good enough writer.

Plus if you're already growing your business online, then you already know…

Just A 1% BOOST In Conversation Rate
Can Make You A Millionaire In 2019.

Repeat after me: the better your copy, the better your conversion rate.

Every week I teach a class on a very unique type of email copywriting.

This year, I've made over $3 million dollars to teach that class.

The class routinely makes me over $100,000 in a week, here's a screenshot:

A PhD professor at Harvard won't even make 10% as much to teach 10x as many hours as me.

A copy badass income Harvard PHD Professor

Because I'm a Copy Badass and Dr. Big-Fancy-Harvard-Professor is not.

My mentee Steven Keith emailed me saying how my copy training opened his eyes and got him 30 new clients in one week:

Again, I don't show you these screenshots to brag, I want you to know how close you are.

You're literally one boost in conversion rate away from your first million (or your next million).

When I visited Agora's headquarters in Baltimore, there was one question I was dying to ask Agora's CEO Joe Schriefer...

I asked him "Joe, how'd you guys go from $30 Million to $60 Million to $200 Million in only 2 years?"

I didn't know how he'd respond….

But without a second's pause, he said, "Copy. We got better at copy."

If you already have an offer online, then every visitor hitting your funnel is worth money.

For simplicity's sake, let's say your conversion rate is 1% and each visitor is worth $1.

If you can increase your conversion rate by 1%, then each visitor is now worth $2.

If you were getting 100 visitors a day, you're now making an extra $100 a day.

If you were getting 1,000 visitors a day, you're now making an extra $1,000 a day.

A 2% conversion rate would mean $2,000 per 1,000 website visitors

Not only does your profit add up fast like this but it just sucks the air out of your competition.

When they throw in the towel, don't gloat, ok? Just keep using badass copy to keep making more money from every visitor, fan and follower you have.


If you're an Email Income Expert
WITHOUT Badass Copy, You Will
Get Weeded Out By Those Who Do!

I've taught over 1,000 email income experts this year:

The ones who do the best are the best at copy.

In fact, I've had 37 email income students replace their rat race income with laptop income and all of them are students for life of copy.

People ask me for email copywriter recommendations all the time.

You know what their question is?

Which of my Email Income Experts are best at copy!

Your Copy Skills Are Their ONLY Criteria!

As a Copy Badass for hire, your biggest problem's gonna be deciding which clients to turn down and which ones to let pay you.

Your only regret will be not committing to copy sooner because…

Learning Copy Is How You Get Clients
and Customers In The First Place.

Before Mr. X became the Copy Chief at Agora Financial, he worked at a PR firm in Michigan and one day, Mr. X got a frantic call from his boss…

His boss squealed, "Mr. X, we got an issue with your file. We couldn't find your resume in there."

Mr. X replied, 'Yeah, because I never gave you guys a resume. I wrote a sales letter and got hired on the spot."

His boss zipped his mouth shut. I bet he turned beet red.

What's there to say when you realize your employee is such a Copy Badass he's smarter than you?

What if you could get people to pay for all trainings you want to take?

One of my own copywriters is Josh Copeland.

A couple years ago, Josh found out I was teaching a private copywriting seminar.

Instantly, Josh wanted to go but he couldn't afford the $2,500 price tag.

But Josh is a Copy Badass and we NEVER give up.

So Josh wrote a sales letter to his boss instead.

The letter said sending Josh to my copy bootcamp would make the company more money and just like that…

The Company Gave Josh A $2,500 Check
To Attend My Copy Training!

Josh’s boss gave him $2.5k to attend my bootcamp

Today Josh lives in San Diego by the beach and even better…

...Josh will never have a boss again.

What If You're Still In College?

Bre Yamazaki started as my copywriting mentee while she was in school at UC-Irvine.

She didn't even know what she'd use copy for.

She just knew she needed it.

She sent me this email after only 3 months…

It doesn't matter if you're in college…. Or if you have no clients, customers or even a product yet.

Learning copy is the #1 way to get the ball rolling fast without falling on your face.

But falling on your face shouldn't be your major concern right now…

You need to decide if your skin is thick enough to be my next star copywriting mentee...

Pinch the skin on your arm.

Seriously, do it now.

Did it feel thick enough?

Because inside the Badass Copy Masterclass, I'm going to challenge you.

I'm gonna push you.

I'm gonna force you to grow, if I have to.

People who are easily offended don't do well in my programs.

So if you decide you're just not ready to hang yet, I won't judge you for it, okay?

But if you are, you must promise to use what you learn here ethically.

As a Copy Badass, you'll be able to…

Get Customers To Buy Almost Everything
You're Selling Including Stuff They Don't Need.

Years ago, I knew a dude who used Badass Copy to sell over $2 Million Dollars of his product in one week on Clickbank.

But the next week, 60% of his customers asked for a REFUND because he'd sold 'em stuff they didn't need.

He didn't use Badass Copy ethically.

Some pick-up artists even steal this technology to seduce married women.

I want you to use badass copy for good like my friend and best-selling author Craig Ballantyne who just raised over $100,000 in donations to Toys for Tots with it…

As a Copy Badass, you'll have the #1 skill to make millions from your laptop.

That kind of money won't just secure your family's future, it'll secure your grandkids future one day.

This is like Yoda telling Luke, use the force for good, ok?

And remember: No matter how good you are, some haters will turn green with envy.

Think about it:

You're gonna be out-earning them from your laptop while they're chained to an office desk.

Take me:

I'm 30 years old.

I finished high school 13 years ago and yet people from my high school are still jealous of me.

My brother was out to dinner recently and a guy from my high school saw my brother.

My brother says hello and instantly, the guy starts talking smack about me.

He tells my brother, "Ooooh, I hear your brother only cares about money and mansions now,".

My brother almost smacked him, he should have.

I'm grateful money comes to me in avalanches of abundance today because I've worked hard to become a Copy Badass but I'm so much more than just money and mansions….

I'm a teacher..

I'm a leader to Nataly and our two dogs Kennedy and Sterling…

And I'm a mentor to over a million people in 100 countries but still… 13 years later, they're still green with envy.

Sometimes I get messages from girls I went to high school with on Facebook. They're salty I'm not interested.

Mr. X even has friends who won't come over because they feel small in his big house.

If you know anything about copy, you know I should be telling you how great life's going to be as a Copy Badass but I'd rather be upfront with you:

Badass Copy isn't cheating but it is an unfair money-making advantage.

And this unfair advantage will arouse envy.

But you won't be alone...

You'll quickly make fast friends with the tiny handful of people who also have this rare skill.

In fact, I'm going to introduce you to them during the Badass Copy Masterclass.

You'll help them and they'll help you.

And even better...

The More You Develop This SKILL Of Copywriting, The More Your Confidence Grows.

Confidence is like a big house.

But houses must be built on a foundation...and skills serve as the foundation.

You don't have a confidence problem.

You've never had a confidence problem.

You have a skill problem.

Get the skill and you'll have the confidence.

Let me tell you about Kaizen….

Kaizen is an idea from Japan.

It's a forceful business secret the Japanese have used to become a world financial power in only a few decades.

Japan’s become a world power using Kaizen. You can do the same.

Kaizen means you commit to constant and never-ending improvement in your life.

Before Kaizen, you dream about making a million dollars overnight and you get discouraged when it doesn't happen.

After Kaizen, you focus on getting just 1% better each day.

As a Copy Badass, we focus on laying down one brick each day knowing that those bricks over time will erect a giant skyscraper that towers over everyone else and splits the clouds in two.

Listen to Will Smith describe Kaizen here:

As a Copy Badass, we're going to download the copywriting skill into you and as your skill increases...

Your confidence goes thru the roof…

You stand taller, think smarter and people who ignored you start coming to you for help…

You're one click away right now.

But there's a large mob who don't want you to become a Copy Badass.

This mob is your competition and...

They Are PRAYING You Don't
Click That Orange Button Below and Join Us.

Think about it:

If you follow my simple instructions, you'll have the skill to double the conversion rate of everything you do online.

We're not talking just one landing page or offer, we're talking….

Your sales pages, your upsells, your VSL's, your webinars, your ads, your social media, your emails, your client-getting, EVERYTHING.

That means more profits from every visitor, fan and follower starting now.

This is going to change where you eat, where you shop, where you travel...and you'll be able to flip those profits to buy up even more market share.

Your competition's gonna be mouth-breathing on the ground, exhausted from trying to keep up with you.

In fact, your competition won't even be your competition when you click that button below.

They'll be too far behind to even call them "competitors" anymore.

We might not put them out of business but we will put them behind you.

All of this is only one click away right now when you join the hundreds rushing in and become a Copy Badass too.

Again, I'd like to give you access to the Badass Copy Masterclass absolutely free of charge.

In fact, the Badass Copy Masterclass will be among the first things you'll get free when you take a no-risk, trial subscription to my monthly newsletter, called The Capital Report.

THE CAPITAL REPORT The most powerful publication for entrepreneurs to come out in the last 20 years. ISSUE #1 OUT NOW

I think you'll find the Capital Report is unlike any other newsletter you've ever received.

A decade ago, I made my first dollar online from my college dorm room.

Since then I've mentored over a million people, written a best-selling book and generated over $40 million in 5 different niches.

I’ve Generated $40MIllIOn in 5 seperate niches

And today my businesses are growing faster than ever before….

My team is on the cutting-edge when it comes to copy, conversions, social media marketing and client-getting. Our marketing is ripped off everyday by competitors who are always a step (or three) behind.

I'm also on a plane 50+ times a year, traveling the world to "break bread" with some of the top marketers, thought-leaders and influencers on the planet.

For example, I discussed the new way to get free traffic last night with a man who grew his real estate business top $3 Billion in sales in only 5 years…

Then this morning on a Zoom Call I scrutinized an Internet Celebrity with 29 million followers on systems anyone can use to get 50-100 new followers a day...

Tonight I'll be researching an Australian entrepreneur who's getting 30 new clients A DAY to his business...

Between my own companies and my network, I have access to people and ideas that would cost the average online entrepreneur millions of dollars.

Inside the Capital Report, I share everything I'm doing and learning behind-the-scenes with you…

Plus I'm moving to the beach in Puerto Rico so you'll come along with me on all my travels out there. In fact while picking out a condo last week in Puerto Rico…

...I got tacos with an 8-figure copywriter who lives in Puerto Rico and he let slip the greatest story-selling secret I've ever heard.

My buddy used this technique to get a 64% boost on his last VSL in the health niche.

64% boost in conversions on a vsl in the health niche

I'll be sharing the details of his story-selling technique in the Capital Report and including a step-by-step template for you to copy, paste and profit too, no matter what niche you're in.

Crazy money-making encounters like that happen to me all the time and the only place you can get immediate access to all of them is inside the Capital Report.

Here's everything you get when you begin your trial subscription to The Capital Report today:

If you decide to take a trial subscription, you can take a full 30 days to decide whether my work is right for you.

If not, simply let my team know and we'll cancel your subscription at once. No questions asked, no reasons needed.

The point is, you can try and piece together what's working online now by following 100 different gurus...or you can get it all in one place from an entrepreneur who's plugged in everywhere and on a mission to have the best marketing in his own online businesses too.

And you don't have to make any commitment whatsoever.

When you decide to have a look at what I'm doing, you are agreeing only to TRY a subscription to my newsletter to see if you like it. If not, you can cancel at anytime and you'll still be my friend.

So how much does a trial subscription cost?

I think it's a great deal, considering all of the money-making and marketing ideas you get – plus all of the special trainings I've mentioned which you're getting at no additional charge.

The truth is, just one of the copywriting or marketing ideas I'll share with you could help you make many times the subscription price.

And it's not just me saying this...

“Just a little update, over the past 2 days we’ve gained almost 30 new clients and added $13,000 in recurring revenue. I love it! Talk soon.”

Steven Keith, Atlanta, Georgia

“Jason, I made $40K this month with this. Everyone please trust Jason here, this sh*t works.”

Sean Ferres, Sydney, Australia

“I’m making 5-figures every month now. You changed my life, coach.”

Sam Robson, Los Angeles, CA

“I just signed my 4th client Jason, I’m learning so much here and growing so fast. Thank you!”

Bre Yamazaki Irvine, CA

Even gurus like best-selling author and 9-figure CEO Bedros Keuilian are loving what’s inside the Capital Report…

“Jason, we’re adding that sales technique you showed us last month to every thing we do here. Never peak baby!”

Bedros Keuilian

But before I show you how to get started, let me reveal one more bonus I’d like to give you instant access to...

The Copy Badass Members-Only
Facebook Group

Once you go through my mentorship… and learn the Copy Cheat Codes used by the $300 million giant Agora Financial… you’re going to dominate life and your marketing as a Copy Badass.

As your haters become jealous, you’ll want to spend more time exchanging ideas and masterminding with other like-minded winners.

So when you try the Capital Report today, you’ll also get free lifetime access to the The Copy Badass Members-Only Facebook Group.

Inside the group, you’ll find me, Mr. X, some of Agora’s top copywriters, and several other 8-figure copywriters who are in our mix too.

You’ll get your questions answered in real-time when you need it.

You’ll get motivation from the other members in the group.

Yet most of all, you’ll find gold nuggets being shared left and right amongst all the enlightening discussions members are having.

Just one of these dozens of gold nuggets could explode your conversion rate and turn you into a powerhouse.

I believe being a part of this private Copy Badass Facebook group and getting to explore the ideas being shared is worth the price of admission by itself.

Here’s how to get started:

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